Open House Weekend


Research and Creation Conferences

Saturday, June 10

3pm Experimental Capture Systems for Instrumental Acoustics

By René Caussé (head of the Instrumental Acoustic Team, IRCAM), Suguru Goto (composer), Matthias Demoucron, André Almeida (researchers, Instrumental Acoustic Team, IRCAM), Alain Terrier (Mechanics Workshop, IRCAM)

4pm Hypermedia Analysis Nomos Alpha, Iannis Xenakis

By Moreno Andreatta, Carlos Agon (researchers, Musical Representations Team, IRCAM), Mikhail Malt (musical assistant, responsible for education, IRCAM)

5pm Interfaces for Writing Sound Spatialization and Assisted Mixing

By Olivier Delerue (researcher, Room Acoustics Team, IRCAM), Olivier Warusfel (head of the Room Acoustics Team, IRCAM)

6pm Structural Relationships Between Musical Gesture and Visual Rhythm

By Hèctor Parra (composer)

Sunday, June 11

3pm ML-Maquettes: a component of the Musique Lab 2 software package designed to assist music education

By Fabrice Guédy (educational project leader, IRCAM), Gérard Assayag (head of Musical Representations Team, IRCAM), Jean Bresson, Carlos Agon (researchers, Musical Representations Team, IRCAM)

4pm New Instruments and Gesture Sensing for Music

By Norbert Schnell (head of Real-Time Applications Team, IRCAM), Frédéric Bevilacqua, Nicolas Rasamimanana, Alice Daquet (researchers, Real-Time Applications Team, IRCAM)

5pm European Project SemanticHIFI

By Hugues Vinet (Scientific Director, IRCAM), Geoffroy Peeters researcher, Analysis/Synthesis Team, IRCAM)

6pm Sound Signaling: Example of a project

By Nicolas Misdariis (researcher, Sound Perception and Design Team, IRCAM), Andrea Cera (composer), Patrick Susini (head of Sound Perception and Design Team, IRCAM)

Saturday, June 10 and Sunday, 11, 3pm-7:30pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky

  • Acces conditions: free entrance, on a first-come first-serve basis

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