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Artistic experiences and software tools

Musical assistants, composers, performers, artists-in-residence at IRCAM (particularly with research groups) will present the software tools that have resulted from their concert-writing experiences, some of which will be presented during Agora. The company Arturia will also present the BRASS plug-ins developed with IRCAM.


Forum News

  • Participants: Vincent Puig, Andrew Gerzso, Karim Haddad (Ircam)
  • Location: salle Stravinsky



  • Participants: Frank Bedrossian, Olivier Pasquet
  • Location: salle Stravinsky

ejies librairies

  • Participant: Emmanuel Jourdan
  • Location: Studio 5

11:30am-12pm Break


A Journey that wasn't

  • Participant: Romain Kronenberg
  • Location: salle Stravinsky

Najo Max Interface News

  • Participant: Jean Lochard
  • Location: Studio 5

1pm-2:30pm Lunch


"Langage de l'ombre"

  • Participant: Grégoire Lorieux
  • Location: salle Stravinsky

Mach 5 version 2 and  Studio en Ligne collection

  • Participants: Alain Etchard, Sébastien Métrot (Ultimate Sound Bank), Manuel Poletti
  • Location: Studio 5


Application of polyrythms in Max/MSP

  • Participant: Yan Maresz
  • Location: salle Stravinsky

Image/ sound/interactivity installations

  • Participant: Andrea Cera
  • Location: Studio 5

4pm-4:30pm Break


Hors jeu

  • Participants: Philippe Hurel, Éric Daubresse
  • Location: salle Stravinsky

Brief candle

  • Participant: Benjamin Thigpen
  • Location: Studio 5


WFS Installation

  • Participants: N+N Corsino, Manuel Poletti
  • Location: salle Stravinsky

Plug-ins BRASS

  • Participant: Frédéric Brun (Arturia)
  • Location: Studio 5


Guided tour of WFS installation

  • Location: Centre Pompidou

Friday, June 2, IRCAM, salle Igor-Stravinsky, Studio 5, salle Messiaen

  • Access conditions: by REGISTRATION only
  • Fees: IRCAM Forum workshops, free for Forum members, are open for a fee of 150€ (refundable if workshop leads to Forum membership), students 75€
  • Informations: phone: 33(0)1 44 78 49 62 ; e-mail: admin-forum(at)
  • Presentations in French and English with simultaneous translation

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