Day by day program


Monday, June 5, 2006

installationNIME 06 Installations

IRCAM welcomes several installations selected by the NIME 06 jury. Improvisers, performers, instrument inventers, and experimenters in digital technology, these artists push the limits of what is planned and what is composed, and make "interaction" their principal credo.

installationSeule avec Loup

For their creation, Seule avec Loup, Nicole and Norbert Corsino invite the audience to a three-dimensional navigation. This installation will be shown after the festival until June 26.

installationCerrillo, Laporte

A sound installation exists in the specific space it defines. Transparent automaton boxes by Juan Cristobal Cerrillo in the nave of IRCAM, the sea-quaking of plates by Jean-François Laporte in the place Stravinsky, and other installations from NIME 06.

congressNIME 06

IRCAM hosts NIME 06, the 6th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, in collaboration with the MINT-OMF (Sorbonne University) in Paris. An exceptional 5-day event where research papers, demos, performances and interactive installations will be presented. NIME 06 is a unique opportunity to confer with an interdisciplinary audience of artists, scientists and technologists on the latest developments in interface design and musical expression.

standsDemonstration stands

Presentation stands for laboratories, companies and educational establishments active in the field of music technology.

public visitGuided Tour

The IRCAM's Multimedia library is a specialized library, both the living memory and of an institute and a rich platform for experimentation with new technologies for musical documentation. The collaboration between Ircam and the CNRS has resulted in a common collection of books, periodicals and scores.

musicMarco Stroppa/Yves Robert

The Duophonies at La Maroquinerie combine Marco Stroppa's electronic chamber music and the experimental jazz of Yves Robert, who have come together around the same instrument. The "augmented" trombone of the pugnacious I will not kiss and the trombone as part of a trio in "La tendresse".