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Music & Technology / Research & Education

A meeting of music teachers from the French national education system and music schools focusing on educational experiments carried out with the Musique Lab programs and their continuation as a part of the new collaboration between IRCAM, the French Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture.

Friday June 16

10am-1pm Research and Experimentation

Participants: Vincent Maestracci (Board of Music, Ministry of Education) | Catherine Giffard (Music and Dance Department, Minstry of Culture | André Santelli (Deputy Director, IRCAM | Hugues Vinet (Science Director, IRCAM) | Carlos Agon, Fréderic Bevilacqua, Olivier Delerue, Fabrice Guédy, Catherine Letondal, Geoffroy Peeters, Norbert Schnell, Olivier Warusfel (researchers, IRCAM).

Phase Project2:30pm–6pm Broadcasting Music and New Listening Contexts

Participants: Stéphane Natkin (CNAM, to be confirmed) | Cécile Le Prado (composer, to be confirmed) | Philippe Thorel (MPO Online) | François Monboisse (Fnac) | Xavier Rodet, Roland Cahen (Phase project, IRCAM), Olivier Delerue, Olivier Warusfel (researchers, IRCAM).

Saturday June 17

Technology in the Service of Education

Participants: Vincent Maestracci (Board of Music, Ministry of Education) | Étienne Gégout  and the group of teachers who took part in the development of Musique Lab 1 &2 | Vincent Puig, Grégoire Lorieux (IRCAM) | Fabrice Guédy (Ircam, Atelier des Feuillantines) | Yan Geslin (Ina GRM) | Stéphane Bortoli, Thierry Stiegler (ENM Mantes-La-Jolie, to be confirmed) | Claude Abromont (CNSMP) | and the music classes from the Henri IV, Lavoisier, Rabelais, and J.-Y. Cousteau high schools, as well as the ENMs de Mantes-la-Jolie and Montbéliard.

10am-1pm Podcasting tutorial by Apple

The best way to record music on a Mac is now the best way to record a Podcast. Podcasting in GarageNand 3allows youto become a radio producer. With iWeb integration, make your voice heard on Internet in a few minutes. Apple proposes a free training session to the Podcast editing and publishing features now integrated in iLife 2006.
24 participants maximum. Registration required at IRCAM or via email. Nono room.

2:30pm–6pm Training on Musique Lab Educational Software

Computer sessions
Fabrice Guédy, Jean Bresson, Grégoire Lorieux (IRCAM)

With the support of the French Ministry of Education

Friday, June 16 and Saturday, 17, 10am-6pm / IRCAM, salle Stravinsky

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